Te Ara Hou Village

Waikato Christian Social Services Village Trust – Te Ara Hou Village

Te Ara Hou Village – 100 Morrinsville Road, Hillcrest, Hamilton


The Waikato Christian Social Services Village Trust was born out of a Joint Venture Agreement between Presbyterian Support Services (Northern), the Waikato Anglican Diocesan Trust Board and the Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Hamilton. The Hamilton City Council and Te Rununga o Kirikiriroa are an integral part of the Trust.

The agreed objectives of the Joint Venture were:

  1. To purchase the Buildings (at 100 Morrinsville Road) and develop them to suit the individual and joint purposes of the Parties.
  2. To operate the Centre for multi-purpose and inter-denominational social services in the Hamilton City and Waikato regional areas and to maximise the use of the Buildings to facilitate the above objects.
  3. To co-operate to obtain funding to develop and operate the Centre.
  4. To co-operate with each other to share their individual and collective expertise and experience to further develop social services within their regions.

The Waikato Christian Social Services Village Trust was incorporated as a Charitable Trust on the November 8, 1999 and the purchase of the buildings from the Hamilton City Council was completed on the December 3, 1999.  The land is leased from the Council for a term of 20 years.

The Village was formally opened by Mayor Russ Rimmington on March 10, 2000.  The name Te Ara Hou meaning “The New Way” was gifted from Tainui and adopted as a place name.

Te Ara Hou Village has been fully tenanted since 2001.

Catholic Family Support Services, Youth Horizons, the Alternatives to Violence project, Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse and the Young Vinnies are occupying Awhina House.  The communal chapel, auditorium and cafeteria are also in Awhina House

The Anglican Action Centre and the Cross Rose Residence for women and children provide support, counselling and advocacy. An off-site residence for men is located in Hamilton city.

The Presbyterian Support Building houses the offices and facilities of Family Works (Waikato).

The Anglican Franciscan Friary (Friary of the Divine Compassion)  is  home to the Brothers who each play important roles in the spiritual and operational activities of the community.

Abbeyfield House is a charity based residence for older people who retain a degree of independence.

Te Hurihanga is a youth justice facility for adolescent males operated by Youth Horizons.

The Charlotte Brown House is the administrative centre of the Anglican Diocese of Waikato and also the offices of the Bishop of Waikato.

A community garden of vegetables provides much-needed assistance to the local combined foodbank.

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