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Franciscan Angles 2013-1


This file is designed to be printed as an A5 booklet.

Franciscan Angles 2012-4

Franciscan Angles 2012-4

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This Week – 14 Feb 2010

Sunday 14th February 2010

This week began with Brian preaching at both the 8:00 am and 9:45am Eucharists at St Peter’s Cathedral Church. We had lunch together as a community at a restaurant in town for a couple of small friary celebrations. In the afternoon and evening Brian, Simone and Joseph travelled to Auckland and back, for the Requiem for Archbishop Jabez.

Monday 15th February 2010

In the morning the Village Forum held a regular meeting in the friary. Simone was on duty at Manaaki Mai overnight.

Tuesday 16th February 2010 (Shrove Tuesday)

Damian Kenneth participated in the Anglican Action Council meeting. Brian Simone and Joseph attended the annual barbecue which Bishop Denis Browne (Catholic Bishop of Hamilton) hosts for Religious in the Diocese.

Wednesday 17th February 2010 (Ash Wednesday)

The brothers attended the combined Anglican/Roman Catholic Ash Wednesday service, held this year in St Peter’s Cathedral Church. Bishop Denis was the preacher.

Thursday 18th February 2010

Joseph returned to Stroud after his stay here.

Restoring Hope

Yesterday we had a village meeting in regard to the future of Te Hurihanga, the youth justice facility here at Te Ara Hou village. It’s a pilot project, aimed at young men between 14 and 17 involved in crimes or violence, who were repeatedly coming before the Youth Court.

Te Hurihanga project gives them a chance to turn their lives around. It is a sort of re-education from a directionless life to a meaningful one.

It’s a three-year project and it is due soon for an assessment and review. It has been hugely successful but, apparently, quite expensive. This is why there is some uncertainty on whether the government is willing to continue to fund it or not.

Te Hurihanga caused so much drama and protest when it arrived few years ago. That was because some people in the neighborhood weren’t very comfortable with the idea of having of a facility targeting young offenders almost outside their doorstep. But to the rest of the village the boys in the programme have always been much more than just their criminal record. Many people here see them as their own children and have made it clear from the very beginning that they’d support the whole project, the boys and the staff all the way through the difficult journey of rehabilitation. Because that’ s the ethos of the village we live in: restoring hope, dignity and confidence of all the people who come here seeking assistance and support.

We, as franciscans, who strive to follow Christ in the footstep of St Francis, believe that our Lord has commanded us to do just that, i.e. to restore respect, dignity, and hope to every person as He did through the acts of healing the Gospel so that we could know that we are fully accepted by God, fully welcomed by him in our human condition. It was moving to see how the entire village show their solidarity the the staff and the boys at the Hurihanga in this difficult time, proving once again that we are all one family, one body of Christ, that we feel their pain and struggle and that they are not alone. That is also at the very heart of the Gospel and our mission as franciscan brothers is really to make people aware of the value they have in God’s eyes. “You are precious in my sight, and I love you” (Isaiah 43:4): these are the words I think of when we I see the photo of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro embracing the world. Since Easter morning, we know that God did not hesitate to give everything so that we would never forget what we are worth. We are one, we are precious and we experience this every day here at Te Ara Hou, which means the new way.

Te Ara Hou Celebrates Ten Years


Celebration powhiri

Celebration powhiri

The social services village Te Ara Hou (The New Way) celebrated its 10th anniversary this month with a party attended by local dignitaries, agency workers, clients, residents and people from the neighbourhood.

 In pre-European times the land was a village, Mangaonua, resourcing the local tribes with food from the stream and crops. After the land wars it became a sizeable farm which was later subdivided. The present site became a residence for the Society for the Intellectually Handicapped, Christopher Park. From there it became Chanel Park the headquarters for the Catholic Diocese of Hamilton.

 In 1999 the land and buildings were purchased by the Hamilton City Council in order to facilitate the founding a social work village. To this end they retained ownership of part of the land and on-sold the buildings to a Trust set up for the purpose of operating and promoting the Village and to promote social services generally in the Waikato region. The remainder of the land was purchased by the Anglican Diocese of Waikato in order to preserve the potential of a village concept.

 Te Ara Hou (The New Way) is an innovative village where we work together to respond holistically to meet people’s needs: a community of agencies collaborating for the benefit of all. The village honours the partnership inherent in Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

 The friary moved to Te Ara Hou in December 2001 and is an integral part of the village. The friary offers spiritual resources and encouragement for the staff of the various agencies on site; daily chapel offices and eucharist; hospitality to guests and visitors; and a place of peace, quiet and refreshment in the midst of an often hectic and confusing setting.

 The present village is a model of co-operation and a tribute to the foresight of those who worked so hard for the vision they held.

 Congratulations Te Ara Hou!

Te Hurihanga Opening

After living in the centre of a construction site for the past several months the brothers were pleased to be present at the opening of Te Hurihanga, our nearest neighbour in the Te Ara Hou village.

The formal proceedings began on Monday 23rd April with the naming and prayers led by kaumatua and tohunga from Ngati Haua followed by speeches and breakfast prepared by Te Ropu Takarangi (a part of Anglican Action).

On Friday 27th April the Minister of Justice together with Judge Caroline Henwood (the initiator and driving force for the project) opened the new facility with a large crowd of supporters and well-wishers.

The facility will take young male offenders (14-17yrs) in an intensive two-year programme to integrate them into positive community relationships. The first six to eight months will see the young men as neighbours to the friary, and the brothers see themselves very much as supportive neighbours to them. This pilot project is the first of its kind in New Zealand.

The Te Ara Hou site was specifically chosen because of the supportive environment such a Christian social services village can offer. We wish the Te Hurihanga project every blessing.

Te Hurihanga – breaking the ground

On 3rd October 2006 (the Transitus of St Francis) the friars took part in the ceremony to break the ground to begin the construction of the buildings which will make up Te Hurihanga – the Youth Justice house next to the Friary.

The afternoon began with a powhiri where Ngati Haua and te iwi o Te Ara Hou welcomed senior members of the Ministry of Justice and the members of Youth Horizons Trust, accompanied by the Bishops of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia, their spouses and Personal Assistants meeting in Hamilton at the time, and many other local supporters. Strong support was vocalized and pledged during the speeches,

The combined group the moved to the site of the front door of the new building and karakia accompanied the turning of the first sod by Kaumatua Anaru Tamihana of Ngti Haua and Archbishop David Moxon, Bishop of Waikato. Further expressions of support came from a number of speakers.

A group of local residents objecting to the project staged a protest at the front entrance to Te Ara Hou and the Waikato Times showed a photo on the front page of Br Kentigern captioned as Peacemaker (a very Franciscan role).

Of course we then moved to the cuppa!

For assistance with the translation of Maori words we use the Ngata Dictionary.

Te Ara Hou [060309]

The life of the friary is set within a village of Christian social services called Te Ara Hou.  Like all large communities things are constantly morphing, growing and dying back in the usual way of things.  But we are having an unusually busy period of change at the moment.  The large agency Family Start are moving on to new premises to assist with their expansion, leaving quite a gap; the James Family (which is part of  the Presbyterian church) are having a name change, though I’m not sure what to, and a new manager and it has been agreed that Te Hurihanga will be built here, right next door to the friary.  Te Hurihanga will be a residential community working with teenage boys who are getting themselves caught-up in a pattern of offending behaviour and who want help to ‘turn around’ (which is what the name translates as).  We brothers are very much looking forward to having new neighbours and the sort of work that will be going on in the house resonates with us.  Apart from these changes the work of the other people on-site with us; Anglican Action, Catholic Family Services and Abbeyfield, carry on apace.  The brothers and the members of the community at Abbeyfield share in some fellowship once a month over a cup of coffee, we found that if we didn’t set-aside some time then we could miss each other in our busy lives.  So there is always something new going on here at Te Ara Hou and we brothers hope that our prayers join with the many others in invigorating the village with God’s holy spirit.

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