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Franciscan Angles 2016 – 1

Franciscan Angles February 2016

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Franciscan Angles 2012-4

Franciscan Angles 2012-4

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Franciscan Angles 2012-2


Quiet Day – Easter Week

About 25 people came to the friary for a Quiet Day during Easter Week conducted by Br Clark Berge (our Minister General).

The photo shows;

Brenda Trim TSSF, Rose Christie-French TSSF, Br Simone ssf, Alison Molloy TSSF, Rosemary Blackwell, Br Clark Berge ssf, and Fr Terry Molloy TSSF.

Missy, the friary cat also got into the picture.

The Friary this Week – Holy Week 2010

Life is fairly busy this week.

Brother Clark Berge, our Minister General, arrived last Thursday to spend a couple of weeks with us. He has just come from Papua New Guinea, where he spent time living with the brothers and also participating in the Ministers’ Meeting. This week he and Br Simone are taking part in the Holy Week devotions in Cambridge parish and also at St Peter’s School. Next week Br Clark will have some speaking engagements and will conduct a Quiet Day at the Friary.

Brother Brian is assisting with the Good Friday services at Melville during an interregnum.

Brother Clark and Brother Brian will then go to our Provincial Chapter meeting at Stroud, NSW, Australia.

Friary guests at the moment include a family recently arrived from the United Kingdom to settle in New Zealand. So we are a full house!

    Brother Clark Berge ssf

This Week – 14 Feb 2010

Sunday 14th February 2010

This week began with Brian preaching at both the 8:00 am and 9:45am Eucharists at St Peter’s Cathedral Church. We had lunch together as a community at a restaurant in town for a couple of small friary celebrations. In the afternoon and evening Brian, Simone and Joseph travelled to Auckland and back, for the Requiem for Archbishop Jabez.

Monday 15th February 2010

In the morning the Village Forum held a regular meeting in the friary. Simone was on duty at Manaaki Mai overnight.

Tuesday 16th February 2010 (Shrove Tuesday)

Damian Kenneth participated in the Anglican Action Council meeting. Brian Simone and Joseph attended the annual barbecue which Bishop Denis Browne (Catholic Bishop of Hamilton) hosts for Religious in the Diocese.

Wednesday 17th February 2010 (Ash Wednesday)

The brothers attended the combined Anglican/Roman Catholic Ash Wednesday service, held this year in St Peter’s Cathedral Church. Bishop Denis was the preacher.

Thursday 18th February 2010

Joseph returned to Stroud after his stay here.

Br Joseph Visit

Br Joseph

Br Joseph is with us at the Friary in Hamilton for a couple of weeks for a time of familiarisation. He is usually based at the Hermitage of St Bernadine at Stroud NSW. Joseph hails from Western Australia, a former Royal Australian Navy chef and a member of the Vietnam Veterans’ Motorcycle Club of Australia. We certainly enjoy having him with us albeit for a short stay.

Brother Colin R.I.P.

Brother Colin ssf  … Haere Ra Koro


 In 1970 four Brothers from four nations and three different SSF Provinces were chosen to pioneer our Franciscan First Order presence in Aotearoa New Zealand. One of them was a large Solomon Islander – Brother Colin – from Malaita. They were first at St Francis House, Greys Avenue, Auckland and then at St Mary’s Vicarage, Glen Innes.

 Colin was one of the first Solomon Islanders to come to test his vocation as a friar at what is now known as Haruro (formerly Jegerata) near Popondetta in Papua New Guinea. The other two were Michael Davis, who died in 1989 and Comins Romano who returned to Haruro this year from the Solomons for the celebration in July of our being 50 years in Papua New Guina. Both were from the island of Ulawa. These three Solomon Island Brothers had come to join SSF before there was a friary in the Solomons. Colin had previously resided and worked at Pawa boys’ secondary school on Ugi Island. Now we have to record that he has died in the general hospital in Honiara after a long illness, aged 73. He was professed in 1969.

 Colin had become the “patriarch” of our Brothers in the Solomons, being wise and faithful, though a little too fond of bettlenut. Many people sought his advice and encouragement. Having an infectious sense of humour he could tell many good stories and was a gentle mimic. He played the guitar and had a good bass voice. He was a reader but often admitting that “this book is too big for my head”. His sermons were powerfully delivered. He hated nonsense and pretence. And having a keen understanding of justice he founded and managed a school for girls at Fouala-a whom he felt were deprived of educational opportunities compared with boys. This was his main work in the second half of his Franciscan life. He was ordained priest at a late age at the hands of the then Bishop of Malaita.

 May he rest in peace and rise in glory.

Kentigern Returns to UK

Provincial Chapter in 2004 elected Kentigern John as our friary Guardian for a three year term. He has now completed that term and as we write is on his way back to the United Kingdom. This was his second term in New Zealand; he had previously spent two years here while we were at Vaughan Park and when we moved to Hamilton.

During this term he was a caring and much appreciated Guardian. His involvement in voluntary ministry at Anglican Action and the University Chaplaincy is highly regarded. At Anglican Action he supervised the Community Counseling Service; a gold-coin operation using senior counseling students from Wintec, Te Whiuwhiu and the Bible College.  He was a volunteer at the Men’s Night Shelter in the city, involved in inner-city ministry, and a part of the team setting up the ministry at 1190. Kentigern has had a huge impact on the native trees and shrubs planted around the friary during his time with us.

We are most grateful for his willingness to come to the other side of the world to help us with our friary and we wish him well on his return to the UK and the ministry he will take there.

Like the kotuku who comes in a passing visit we have been much blessed by his time with us.

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