Kentigern Returns to UK

Provincial Chapter in 2004 elected Kentigern John as our friary Guardian for a three year term. He has now completed that term and as we write is on his way back to the United Kingdom. This was his second term in New Zealand; he had previously spent two years here while we were at Vaughan Park and when we moved to Hamilton.

During this term he was a caring and much appreciated Guardian. His involvement in voluntary ministry at Anglican Action and the University Chaplaincy is highly regarded. At Anglican Action he supervised the Community Counseling Service; a gold-coin operation using senior counseling students from Wintec, Te Whiuwhiu and the Bible College.  He was a volunteer at the Men’s Night Shelter in the city, involved in inner-city ministry, and a part of the team setting up the ministry at 1190. Kentigern has had a huge impact on the native trees and shrubs planted around the friary during his time with us.

We are most grateful for his willingness to come to the other side of the world to help us with our friary and we wish him well on his return to the UK and the ministry he will take there.

Like the kotuku who comes in a passing visit we have been much blessed by his time with us.

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